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What Do Top B2B Marketers Do to Improve ROI?

The Aberdeen Group recently released their report on Anlytics for the CMO: How Best In Class Marketers Use Analytics to Drive More Insight. In it, Peter Ostrow highlights the pressures faced by marketing executives to deliver and measure tangible results to the top line revenue and how the best-in-class marketers are doing so.

Not surprisingly, according to the report, here are a few things the best-in-class organizations have in common:

  • Defined processes for executing and testing marketing campaigns.
  • Use of technologies such as marketing automation, web analytics and tracking and lead management and CRM.
  • Tracking and measuring marketing campaigns and channels with clearly defined KPIs

The most direct measure of marketing spend is the contribution of marketing to the sales pipeline. Of all the activities marketing performs, this is the one that most clearly contributes to top-line results and ties most directly to ROI. Are you measuring your marketing campaign and channel performance?

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