Content Marketing ROI: Tactics to Improve Your ROI

Content marketing is a long-term investment in your company’s future, and a major strategy for gathering business leads. It would be a shame if you invested heavily in content marketing, and then saw a low return on your investment. Your content marketing ROI is the single most important factor in determining how much of your […]

Sales Funnel

How to Use Content to Generate Leads

Does your website content generate leads? What about your blog posts? Do readers find your articles so compelling they react with comments, social sharing, and downloading your products and services information? Content marketing can be more effective in generating leads than advertising or any other type of marketing. Because you’re targeting your content toward the […]

Google Keywords

Wringing Your Hands Over Google Withholding Keyword Data?

Tired of the constant changes Google’s been making lately?  Yeah, sometimes I am, too. It seems like the search engine mogul has tweaked everything from its algorithms to ranking in-depth articles above other results over the past few months. But nothing has compared to its latest change. A few years ago, Google encrypted searches for […]

Keep Calm and Blog On

Build a Content Creation Culture!

Good content is the lifeblood of businesses. It’s really the cornerstone of so many disciplines: Search engine optimization, user experience and design, customer support, marketing — more and more businesses and consumers both rely on the creation of useful, credible, and engaging content. When companies seek to create internal knowledge bases, they’re building content. They’re […]

Content Marketing

7 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

Content is where the rubber meets the road in today’s business world. If you have successful content marketing, then you will succeed in influencing the choices of others, which is really what inbound marketing is all about anyway. However, not all content marketing works effectively because marketers lose sight of the basics when they become […]

Global Business Network

Internal Content Marketing to Keep Employees Engaged

As a business leader, the principles of content marketing also apply to keeping your employees engaged. In your web content, you appeal to your ideal customers by being informative, helpful, and interested in their challenges. Those are the same keys to help your staff maintain enthusiasm and high performance. A few days ago I wrote […]