Convert Leads

Capturing leads is about making sure the traffic you attract to your site converts to leads that you can then nurture and close for revenue. To do this, you need to understand your buyers, possibly better than they understand themselves.

You want to understand their needs, their interests, their fears, what excites them, and what motivates them.

For B2B sales, this usually means you’re catering to more than one buyer as well.

You need to engage the business manager who will be buying our product or service, the IT guy who we will be interacting with and whose help you may require, the end user who will use the product being sold – for each business, the potential visitors and their interests differ and they each bring a different set of needs, pain points and information (i.e. content) requirements.

What this means for you:

An offer that interests one buyer will not necessarily be of interest to another. We can’t pitch our products and services the same way to every potential customer. Each visitor may be at a different stage in the buying process.

This is a challenge that requires businesses to think like their prospects and meet all their needs. You have a multi-faceted product with many different benefits – those benefits aren’t going to speak to everyone, so you need to determine when and where to change your message and offers about the product you are selling.

Likewise, your prospects may have found you, but they aren’t just looking at you. They are evaluating your offerings, your competitors’ offerings, and what the market says about you. They are doing their due diligence, and you need to be prepared to answer their “unspoken” questions honestly and openly.

Our Approach:

We will help you establish and build a trust relationship with your buyers.

We will help you understand the different types of prospects that you encounter, identify and target the right offers to them – the ones that will answer the questions they have, speak to their pain points, and entice them to learn more about you.

We will:

  • Create buyer personas that help you target what your prospects care about and what they are looking for.
  • Map out your prospects’ unique buying process and help you craft customized content and offers that speak to them, including:
    • Establishing awareness of the problem or recognizing the problems your buyers face.
    • Leveraging your understanding of the buying process and expertise to provide information for potential buyers as they conduct their research.
    • Helping your buyers evaluate you alongside your competitors by identifying key features, pitfalls, pros and cons.
  • Design calls to action and landing pages for compelling offers tailored to each stage of your unique buying process.
  • Perform conversion optimization with personalized offers and A/B testing that refines and improves your offers over time.
  • Manage your campaign strategy and execution by establishing the right metrics to follow, fine-tuning offer creation and the buying process as your prospects interact with you.

Now you’ve got all this great content that is attracting prospects to your website, your social media pages, or maybe even your booth at a conference, what do you do with all of these leads? That’s the next step, lead nurturing.