Close Sales

Converting leads into sales is like reaching the red zone in football. You are close to your goals, but you haven’t crossed the line yet.

Driving traffic to your website doesn’t matter if you don’t ultimately convert the traffic into leads, and the leads into sales.

It also happens to be the trickiest part of the process, because it all depends on how well aligned your marketing and sales teams are.

You don’t want to waste your sales team’s time with unqualified leads. You also don’t want a lead who is ready to see a demo or talk to a sales rep, drop into a black hole because your lead process isn’t clearly defined. Agreeing on the definition of a qualified lead, and the handoff between sales and marketing is the most contentious part of your lead generation funnel.

It requires communication, cooperation, and planning.

Our Approach:

We believe that openness and planning form the foundation of a successful lead generation program. We don’t stop at just the Inbound Marketing process. We recognize the importance of having clear communication with your sales and business development teams to:

  • Provide accurate lead scoring
  • Ensure lead routing to the appropriate person or team
  • Have the process in place to guarantee your best return on investment for Inbound Marketing.

Our experience encompasses business development and sales processes in addition to marketing, and allows us to help you integrate the processes of these departments.

We will:

  • Define your demand generation funnel (Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Accepted Leads, and Sales Qualified Leads).
  • Identify your ideal lead profile.
  • Build a lead scoring process by gathering your criteria and applying weights.
  • Ensure leads are routed to the right department or sales rep.
  • Provide closed-loop analytics to track sales revenue back to the marketing lead.

And, as you know, the sale is just the beginning. Once you’ve closed that opportunity, you want to keep your clients happy and loyal so they will bring repeat business and become your best sales reps and evangelists.